20 Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

Throw your own mad hatter tea party! Get creative with these 20 Alice in Wonderland tea party recipes!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

Welcome to an enchanting world of tea cups and teapots, playing cards and giant teacakes!
Today we have 20 delicious recipes inspired by the classic children’s book Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

From dainty petit fours fit for a queen to scrumptious salmon and cream cheese tea sandwiches, this tea party extravaganza will have you feeling like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a culinary wonderland. So, let’s brew some tea, bake some giant teacakes, and get this tea party started!

Delightful Recipes for an Enchanting Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

1. Strawberry Jam Tarts

Making jam tarts is like taking a trip down memory lane for me! Back in the day, I used to don my little chef hat and apron and whip up these delicious treats with my mom. The aroma of fresh jam and pastry still makes my mouth water! Jam tarts are the perfect addition to any tea party. Just picture yourself sipping tea with the Mad Hatter and nibbling on these sweet treats. It doesn’t get any more delightful than that! So, who’s ready to bake some jam tarts and have a tea party down the rabbit hole?

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2. Heart Shaped Macarons

If you’re planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party, heart-shaped macarons are an absolute must-have. These whimsical treats will transport your guests straight to the Queen of Hearts’ garden, where everything is painted in shades of red!
With their delicate, bright red shells and creamy, dreamy fillings, heart-shaped macarons are the perfect addition to any Mad Hatter’s tea party.

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3. Baked Apple Roses

If you’re in the mood for a tasty treat that’s as beautiful as it is delicious, look no further than handmade baked apple roses! These little beauties are like a bouquet of flowers you can eat, with each petal made from a thin slice of sweet, juicy apple lovingly wrapped around a strawberry jam center. They’re perfect for impressing your friends and family with your baking skills, or just treating yourself to something special on a lazy afternoon. And the best part? They’re entirely handmade, which means each one is a little work of art! So why not grab your apron and get ready to create some scrumptious apple roses?

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4. Alice in Wonderland Petit Fours

Welcome to the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland! We have some delightful cakes that are sure to transport you to a magical land. These cakes are so delicate and intricate, they look like they were plucked straight out of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. But beware, dear friends, not all of these cakes are what they seem. Some may make you grow taller, while others may make you shrink smaller. So, choose wisely which cake you decide.

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5. Cherry Pie Love Hearts

Are you ready to take your Alice in Wonderland tea party to the next level? Look no further than these loveable and delicious cherry pie love heart desserts! With just a handful of ingredients, you can whip up these treats in no time. Imagine the smiles on your guests’ faces as they take a bite into these foolproof hearts. Your afternoon tea party will become an even more fantastical adventure with these little delights. Don’t forget to have a cup of tea (or two) to wash it down!

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6. Pocket watch cake pops - Alice through the looking glass

Looking for a fun and whimsical addition to your Alice in Wonderland-themed party? Look no further than these adorable pocket watch cake pops. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also sure to impress your guests with their intricate details and delicious taste. So why settle for boring old cupcakes when you can have these charming timepieces instead?

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7. Salmon and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Introducing these delightful salmon and cream cheese tea sandwiches! These dainty little sandwiches are not only pleasing to the eye, but they’re also the perfect addition to any tea party spread. With delicate layers of smoked salmon and creamy, tangy cream cheese, they’re sure to tantalize the taste buds of your guests. Plus, they’re easy to make and even easier to eat, making them a crowd-pleaser for guests of all ages. So why not add a touch of whimsy to your tea party with these delicious and adorable sandwiches.

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8. Strawberry Mint Infused Water

Have you heard about the Queen of Hearts’ upcoming tea party in Wonderland? It’s going to be absolutely fabulous. And guess what? I have the perfect drink suggestion for her, strawberry mint infused water.
Can you imagine how refreshing and delightful it would be to sip on this delicious concoction while enjoying all the whimsical wonders of Wonderland? The sweet and juicy flavor of the strawberries combined with the cool and refreshing taste of mint is simply divine.

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9. Strawberry Drip Cake

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the star of the show – the Strawberry Drip Cake! This beauty is a real head-turner with its vibrant pink chocolate drip topping, luscious strawberry frosting, and a soft and spongy vanilla base that’ll have you weak at the knees. One slice and you’ll be transported to a world of sweet and tart flavors that are perfectly balanced to make your taste buds dance with joy! And let’s not forget about the show-stopping presentation. This cake is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser and Instagram-worthy masterpiece. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this heavenly dessert.

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10. Cucumber Sandwiches for Tea

Oh my goodness, these cucumber sandwiches are simply delightful! They’re the perfect addition to any Alice in Wonderland tea party. With their dainty size and refreshing taste, they’re sure to transport you straight to the world of Wonderland. The crispness of the cucumber pairs perfectly with the creamy spread, making for a truly delightful bite. So go ahead and take a nibble, you won’t be disappointed.

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11. Purple Cake With Lemon Buttercream

Picture this, a whimsical tea party straight out of Alice in Wonderland, complete with mini cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. But wait, they’re not just any cakes, they’re purple cake With lemon buttercream. These little delights are the perfect addition to your tea party spread, with their vibrant purple hue and tangy lemon flavor. And to top it all off, they’re adorned with fresh blackberries that add a pop of color and sweetness. So go ahead, channel your inner Mad Hatter and serve up some purple cake With lemon buttercream at your next tea party.

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12. Rose & Pistachio Cupcakes

These are vanilla cupcakes, baked to perfection and sprinkled with finely chopped pistachio nuts. And the icing on the cake? The silky smooth rosewater Swiss meringue buttercream that sits atop each cupcake like a fluffy cloud. It’s like a fairytale come true. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a wonderland of flavors. So, don’t be late for this very important date and indulge in these scrumptious cupcakes that will make you feel like the queen of hearts.

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13. Cream Brownie Dessert

Treat your tea party guests to a chocolate brownie dessert. It’s a heavenly combination of a rich chocolate brownie, sweet strawberries, and light and fluffy whipped cream, topped off with a fresh strawberry, a truly indulgent treat that will make everyone think your a master chef.

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14. Radish Rose Tea Sandwiches

These delightful little sandwiches are the perfect addition to any Alice in Wonderland-themed gathering or any tea party in general. With their delicate radish roses and fluffy bread, they’re sure to impress your guests and transport them to a world of wonder and magic.

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15. Fondant Fancies

Theses are the fanciest of the fancy French fancies, but with a twist of rose and lemon that will make your taste buds dance with joy. They’re perfect for any party, but especially an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. Can you imagine how cute they’ll look on your table, surrounded by teapots and teacups and all sorts of whimsical decorations?

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16. Almond Madeleines with Raspberry Glaze

I have to say that these almond madeleines with raspberry glaze would make the perfect addition to your whimsical spread. The almond flavor adds a touch of sophistication while the raspberry glaze adds a pop of color and sweetness. Your guests will feel like they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a pastry wonderland. So, grab your tea cup and take a bite of these delightful treats, you won’t be disappointed!

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17. Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

You cant have an Alice in Wonderland tea party with out a bunch of edible flowers. Make it a tea party to remember, with this unique and delicious twist on chocolate covered strawberries. These homemade bouquets are sure to make your guests feel extra special, with juicy fresh strawberries dipped in pink chocolate and sprinkled with sprinkles. Yum!

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18. Easy Almond Linzer Cookies Recipe

Are you ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole with these delicious almond linzer cookies? These crunchy and flavorful treats are the perfect addition to any Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. With a sweet and tangy strawberry jam filling and a dusting of powdered sugar, these cookies are sure to impress all of your guests.
But don’t let their fancy appearance fool you, these cookies are actually quite easy to make. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up a batch of these delightful treats in no time.

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19. Rose Truffles

Hey there! Do you have a sweet tooth and a love for all things whimsical? Then you’re in for a treat! Let me introduce you to the magical world of raspberry rose truffles. These little balls of heaven are not only easy to make, but they taste like a dream come true. Creamy, rich, and bursting with flavor, they’ll transport you straight to Wonderland.

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20. Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Tea Bag Cookies

Get ready to dip into the ultimate tea experience with these delightful chocolate dipped shortbread shaped tea bag cookies! These sweet treats are like no other, as they combine the goodness of shortbread with the decadence of chocolate. They come in cute tea bag shapes that are perfect for your next tea party or just a midday pick-me-up. With a cup of your favorite tea and one of these cookies in hand, you’ll feel like you’re lounging in a fancy tea house.

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How To Plan An Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Party

Planning an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party is a fun way to bring these whimsical characters to life and have an unforgettable day with family and friends. With a few simple touches, you can make your very own Tea Party that’ll have all of your guests saying “Curiouser and curiouser!”. Here are a few ways to make your tea party the best ever.

  1. Ask guests to dress up as their favorite Alice In Wonderland character.
  2. Serve tea and snacks that look like they came straight out of the book, such as “Drink Me” potion bottles, storybook cupcakes, and “Eat Me” cookies.
  3. Create a tablescape filled with checkered tablecloths, teapots and teacups, and colorful centerpieces inspired by the characters from the story.
  4. Have a Mad Tea Party game where guests have to answer questions about the Alice In Wonderland characters or plot to win points or prizes.
  5. Set up a photo booth complete with props like top hats and stuffed animals for fun Alice In Wonderland-themed photos.
  6. Create an atmosphere with themed decorations like white rabbit clocks, chess pieces, vintage keys, Mad Hatter’s hats, and more!
  7. Have Alice In Wonderland-themed activities like painting garden gnomes or making playing cards out of card stock paper.
  8. Cover the walls with free-printable quotes from the story; hang them up with ease using washi tape!
  9. Hand out souvenirs at the end of your tea party for your guests to take home: think “Curiouser and curiouser” mugs, Cheshire Cat magnets, “Off with her head!” buttons, etc
  10. End the tea party by showing a fun movie version of Alice In Wonderland, in your garden using a projector and a white sheet.
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Invitations

Sending Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Invitations is a great way to make your special event even more magical and memorable! First, decide on the theme and color scheme. Once that’s decided, pick the perfect invitation. You could opt for hand-illustrated cards with the classic characters or use lots of fun colors and whimsical words. Don’t forget to include all the details for your event so your guests know where and when to arrive. Lastly, have fun with it, make something that is unique to your event so that everyone has a one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget. If your short on time you can also buy these gorgeous Alice In Wonderland themed party invitations from amazon.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

Tips For Hosting The Best Tea Party

Hosting a tea party fit for the Mad Hatter himself may seem daunting, but fear not! Here are some tips to ensure your tea party is full of wonder and delight.

  • First things first, make sure to send out your invites well in advance, just like the White Rabbit. You don’t want your guests to be late for this very important date!
  • Next, head to vintage and thrift shops to find mismatched cups and saucers, just like the ones Alice encountered at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. You could also ask your guest to bring their own favorite cup and saucer, the more eclectic and quirky, the better.
  • To add a bit of charm and elegance to your party, have a stunning layer cake as a centerpiece as your table’s focal point. It will be a feast for the eyes, just like the tasty treats you’ll be serving.
  • Lastly, have a selection of both hot and cold drinks and don’t forget to have caffeine-free tea available for guests who don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of caffeine. You could also serve cocktails, and mocktails for those that don’t want get too carried away like the Dormouse!

With these tips, your Alice in Wonderland tea party is sure to be a hit. So, grab your top hat, pour yourself a cup of tea, and let the adventure begin.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

20 Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

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    Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes
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    Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes
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    Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes


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Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Recipes

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