Triple Layer Vanilla Cake

How to make a delicious triple layer vanilla cake. Easy to follow 3 layer cake recipe that's ready to add your personal touch.

triple layer vanilla cake

This delicious triple layer vanilla cake is the recipe I use for a lot of my celebration cakes. This layer cake tastes absolutely heavenly. I know that you are going to love this cake as much as me.

triple layer vanilla cake slice

It’s all about the toppings

But the reason, I love using this recipe so often is that when it comes to frosting, layering and topping my cake, I can make it different every time. For instance, adding a little jam or fresh fruit between the layers can make a huge difference to flavor. In addition to the changing the layers. You can change up the cake topping too. Anything from adding raspberries, sprinkles, fruit compote or even go the extra mile and adding candy kebabs.

You just have to browse my dessert section on this site or social media to see the different cake decorations I do with this one recipe.

You can also leave the cake just as it is, simple and sweet. I made this triple layer cake a little while back and added no topping or extras. It was served with chilled Champaign and fresh raspberries. I felt quite grown up and sophisticated. It’s a shame that it wasn’t for a fancy event where we all get dressed up. It was just a sunny afternoon in the garden with friends, watching our kids play. Cake and Champagne you can't go wrong.

triple layer vanilla cake

Triple Layer Vanilla Cake

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How to make triple layer cakes. This triple layer vanilla cake recipe tastes absolutely heavenly.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
cooling time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 55 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American, British
Servings 24
Calories 559 kcal


For the vanilla sponge cake layers

For the creamy vanilla frosting


  • First preheat your oven to 175°C,
  • Grease three 8-inch cake tins and line each one with a circle of parchment paper.
  • Add the unsalted butter into the mixer and using a K paddle attachment start creaming the butter. Creaming the butter should take 4-5 minutes.
  • When the butter looks lighter in color add in the caster sugar, sunflower oil, and vanilla extract and give it another good mix.
  • When your mixture is creamy light and fluffy add in your eggs one at a time making sure the egg is combined between each adding each one.
  • Grab yourself another bowl and add in your sifted plain flour, baking powder, and salt, give it a little stir to combine the dry ingredients.
  • Now add in half of your bowl of dry ingredients to the cake batter and mix until its combined.
  • Add in your whole milk slowly and keep mixing. Your cake batter will look a little curdled at this point but don’t worry it’s supposed to look like this.
  • Next, add in the rest of your dry ingredients and mix until it's creamy and smooth.
  • Scrape down the sides of your bowl and give another mix just to make sure that your cake batter is fully incorporated.
  • Grab your three cake tins and divide the cake batter evenly between them.
  • Pop them into the middle of your preheated oven for 20-25.
  • To test if your cake is fully cooked just prick it with a skewer or fork. If it comes out clean your cake is ready if there is a small amount of batter on the skewer pop the cake back in the oven for a couple more minutes.
  • When your cakes are baked remove them from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes in their tins.
  • After a few minutes remove your cakes from the tins and place them on a cooling rack.

For the vanilla buttercream frosting

  • In a large bowl add your unsalted butter and using a k paddle attachment (not whisk) cream the butter, this will take a few minutes.
  • While the butter is being mixed, sift your icing sugar into a separate bowl.
  • Once the butter is completely smooth slowly add in half your icing sugar and mix until combined.
  • Add in your salt and vanilla extract and mix again.
  • Add in the other half a bowl of icing sugar and mix until completely smooth. You may need to scrape the bowl down a couple of times to make sure that all the ingredients are well combined.

Putting your cake together

  • Normally when I bake these cakes, they come out with a flat top but if yours has a slight dome use a large serrated knife (a long bread knife will do) to remove the domes so they have a flat top.
  • Place the first cake layer onto a round cake board or cake stand.
  • Spread a good amount of buttercream evenly onto the first layer making sure that it has an even thickness all over (if you want to make each layer perfect I would suggest using a pipping bag with a large round nozzle attachment and start from the center of the cake, swirling round the icing working your way to the edge then smooth with a pallet knife)
  • Add the second cake layer and do the same again, making sure that the icing is evenly spread, you don’t want a wonky cake, so take your time.
  • Add the last cake layer and ice the outside of the cake. Smoothing it with a pallet knife.
  • With the remaining icing, pop it into a pipping bag with a star head nozzle attachment and decorate the top edge and bottom edge of the cake by piping small swirls.
  • And there it is you have yourself a delicious triple layer vanilla cake.
    triple layer vanilla cake slice


Tips and tricks
To make this recipe I would suggest using a stand mixer as it takes quite a few minutes to cream the butter.
Make sure your cakes are fully cooled before icing them, as the butter will start to melt if the cake is still warm.
Make sure the butter is at room temperature when you make the buttercream frosting, if it is too cold it might break the emulsion of the butter and it will cause it to then separate and we don’t want that to happen.
Using the correct equipment will make baking and decorating this triple layer cake and future cakes so much easier. If you go to the shop part of this site, you’ll see all the equipment that I use in my kitchen.


Calories: 559kcalCarbohydrates: 74gProtein: 3gFat: 29gSaturated Fat: 17gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 91mgSodium: 135mgPotassium: 50mgFiber: 1gSugar: 63gVitamin A: 850IUCalcium: 52mgIron: 1mg
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This triple layer cake is supposed to serve 24 people. I’ve googled the portion size for this cake just for you. But I have to say normally I cut mine into 16 slices, which is obviously a lot more calories. If you cut a slice to big it can be very filling so a thin slice is all you need.

If you are looking for more layer cake inspiration, check out my cake of dreams and pink strawberry drip cake. Or even just browse our dessert section on Love Food Feed there are lots of beautiful cake recipes to look at.

triple layer cake vanilla dreams

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