33 Top Gifts Ideas For Mothers Day

33 Top Gifts Ideas For Mothers Day

Mothers Day is the perfect time to show your mum how much you appreciate and love everything she does for you.

Finding the right gift can be a challenge so I’ve made a list of fabulous gift ideas to add to your own hamper or even as a special gift that your mum will absolutely love.

How To Make A Personalized Hamper

A little personalized hamper is a great way to combine personal gifts in a unique way. 

Firstly you’ll need to buy a basket or a small cute storage tub. Then simply select a few items that you know your mum will love. I absolutely love making gift hampers up, as you can never go wrong with a small selection of gifts. This gift list will make your Mothers day a special one to remember.

No1 Bring Me Wine Socks

When I first saw these cheeky socks, I knew I just had to have them. These would make a perfect addition to any Mothers Day gift hamper. They come in lots of different colors too. I think they would put a smile on any mums face.

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Hand Cream

Every mum needs hand cream, I always have one in my handbag and one by my kitchen sink. There’s nothing worse than having dry hands. This is a lovely hand cream gift set, I love the Burt’s bees range as they are naturally formulated without Parabens or synthetic fragrances it’s also Cruelty free and is not tested on animals. The orange Blossom and pistachio is my all-time favourite scent, its such a lovely cream to use to, my hands are always super soft after using it.


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Every woman needs a signature scent, so why not buy your mum her favourite bottle of perfume. I’m so in love with the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent at the moment and would highly recommend this perfume to my friends. I always get complimented on what a beautiful scent it is.

Personalized Mug

Who doesn’t like a personalized mug? I have a couple of personalized mugs and I love them so much. This Tatty Teddy mug or tea cup and saucer set is super cute. It can be fully personalized too. So if your mum loves a mug of coffee or a cup of tea, this gift will be perfect for her.

Personalized Wine Glass

Always wine over whining that’s my moto. Whether you love a glass of wine, cocktail or mocktail this personalized wine glass is such a great gift. You could even gift it with a handmade cocktail recipe card as a little something extra.

Jamie Oliver’s 7 Ways book.
Perfect for week day meal ideas.

Pinch of Nom. This cook book is filled with 100 slimming home style recipes.

Mary Berry’s complete cook book. It has over 650 delicious recipes that I know you’ll love.

Cook Books

As you probably already know, as a mum myself I love cook books. I love to have plenty to hand for every occasion. Just above are a few of my favorite go to books at the moment.

  • Jamie Oliver’s 7 Ways book. Perfect for week day meal ideas.
  • Pinch of Nom. This cook book is filled with 100 slimming home style recipes.
  • Mary Berry’s complete cook book. It has over 650 delicious recipes that I know you’ll love.

Cook Book Stand

My cook book stand is something I use all the time in my kitchen. Its perfect because it not only holds my cook books but my tablet too. My husband bought me one a few years ago as I was always making my books or my tablet a mess. What can I say the pages would never stay open lol.

Photo Frames

A picture frame is a lovely gift if you fill it with something special. You can use anything from a photo of a special occasion, or paint a little something you know your mum will love. Last year I painted a yellow rose for my mum and she absolutely loved it. You could even make a personalized handwritten recipe to hang in her kitchen. These frames come in an assortment of colors and sizes to suit all decors too.

Bouquet of Flowers

I love receiving a big bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day. I normally make up a gorgeous display of flowers for my mum and add them to a glass vase. Amazon have a huge range of bouquets, I’m sure they’ll have something that your mum will love. I found this really pretty bouquet of roses that comes with a ceramic vase.

Mothers Day Flowers Vase

If you do go for the real thing when it comes to flower bouquets, don’t forget to get her an elegant vase. Here’s the perfect glass vase I found on Amazon for any display of flowers, plus you can personally arrange them before gifting them for that extra wow factor!

Personalized Chopping Board

Amazon is a great place to get some of the best personalized gifts. I’ve had my eye on a couple of personalized chopping boards for a while now. Chopping boards aren’t just for chopping I quite often make up a charcuterie board when I have guest over. So if your mum loves entertaining guests then she needs one of these beautiful chopping boards to show off her hostess skills.


I always love lighting candles in my kitchen and dinning room, to be honest I have them in my living room, bedroom and bathrooms …… ok I might have a thing for candles lol. But who doesn’t love a beautiful scented room? I love lighting my candles in the evening, it just sets a lovely mood. Yankee candles are my favorite and they have so many beautiful candles to choose from and the fragrances are absolutely beautiful too. 

Essential oil diffuser

Not only do I love candles but I also love essential oil diffusers too. this is the exact diffuser I bought a couple of years ago, I have it on for a few hours every day. I seriously love having a home filled with beautiful aromas.

Essential Oils

You’ll also need a set of essential oils too, this is the perfect set of aromas to get your Mother started.

Kenwood mixer

This is a big purchase……. but every mum deserves a really good food mixer don’t you agree? I would highly recommend getting a Kenwood mixer as it is such a great brand. I use my mixer every week, you’ve probably seen me use it on most of my baking videos. I have the Titanium chef XL, I bought the big one as I have a big family so I’m always making double quantity of everything. I love the design of these mixers, they are very modern and sleek looking.

Spa Bath Pillow

Add a little luxury to your mums special day with this spa bath pillow. As a busy mum myself I just love having a luxury bath, its seriously the best thing to have after a long day. You could make up a bathroom spa hamper with a spa pillow, a few candles and a bath caddy to hold her book and wine and maybe a mini pamper kit too.

Bath caddy

Pamper kit


I bought my mum a beautiful piece of jewelry for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. Jewelry is one of those gifts that are timeless, It’s something that doesn’t lose value and can be passed down through time. When I got married my grandma passed down a beautiful neckless to me and I will cherish it until one day when I pass it down to one of my daughters.

Cake Stand

You can’t have a tea party with friends with out cake and every cake needs a stand. Well, that’s my reason for having so many cake stands lol. This Alice in wonderland set is super cute and would be great for any gathering with friends and family.

Matching Set Teapot

Here’s the link to the rest of the set just in case you wanted to really spoil your mum.

GHD Products

Every mum deserves a good hair day and Mother’s Day is no exception. I swear by all my GHD products, they are a little pricy but they seem to last forever. I bought my hair straightener’s 15 years ago and they work as good as the day I bought them. Both my sisters and my mum have GHDs and love theirs as much as I love mine. 

Their new platinum range looks absolutely gorgeous. I just know that it would make the perfect Mothers Day gift for the perfect mum.

GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD Hair dryer

Personalized Apron

Every mum is queen of the kitchen and would love a personalized apron. I’m forever making a mess when I bake, If I don’t wear an apron in the kitchen, you can guarantee I’ll end up with cake batter or white flour on my clothes. If your mum isn’t one for cooking in the kitchen get her an apron anyway, at least she’ll look good while burning the dinner lol.

6 Minute Journal

This six-minute journal makes a great Mothers Day gift as it’s brilliant for helping you focus on what’s important and helps you reach your goals each day. It also teaches you to focus, be motivated, reach for success and helps with being calm and mindful throughout the day. This little book is perfect for the mum that loves to write lists and keep a journal.

Make Your Own Gin

What’s that ……. Its gin o’clock? This is a brilliant gift. This kit Makes ten bottles of your own botanical infused gin. I have actually ordered a box for myself after seeing this, as I love gin and I’m looking forward to trying out a few new flavours. 

Charcuterie Platter

This would be a perfect gift to add into a food hamper, simply add in a selection of cheese, crackers, spiced meat and even a few pieces of fruit and your good to go.

Air Fryer

For the mum that loves to cook healthy food for the family. I have had my Tefal air fryer for a few years now and absolutely love it. I would highly recommend getting one. You can cook hundreds of different meals in it, you can cook anything from French fries to chicken fajitas and everything in between. I have even heard that people have made cakes using the Actifry, I haven’t yet tried that.

Alexa Smart Hub

This is the Alexa 5, this is the best kind of present to get for mother’s day. it’s perfect for keeping in touch. I keep my Alexa in my kitchen as that’s the heart of my home and I can make videos calls to family while I’m making dinner. Alexa can do anything from telling you step by step instruction on recipes, playing your favorite music, making video calls to even being able to watch movies on it.

Automatic Wine Opener and Sealer

This is the perfect gift for any wine loving mum. This is such a brilliant gadget; it not only opens a bottle of wine but it vacuum seals it shut too. She’ll never have to let unfinished wine spoil again with this vacuum sealer and stopper, it will help keep wine fresh and keep its flavor.

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I hope you Found this Mother’s Day gift guide helpful. If you’re still looking for more inspiration or ideas check out my Mother’s Day gift ideas video on YouTube from last year.

I hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day.

Check out some of my Mother’s Day cupcake recipes that I know any mum will love.



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