22 Thanksgiving Cocktails

Raise a glass to the best Thanksgiving cocktails that will add an extra spark to your holiday celebration. Unforgettable sips await!

Thanksgiving cocktails

As the holiday season approaches, I find myself eagerly anticipating the warmth of family gatherings, the comforting aroma of a seasonal feast, and, of course, the joyous clinking of glasses filled with delightful Thanksgiving cocktails. Over the years, I’ve experimented with various recipes to create the perfect Thanksgiving libations that complement the festive atmosphere. In this guide, I’ll share insights and frequently asked questions to help you craft the ideal cocktails for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Tequila Cocktails

Top Thanksgiving Cocktails!

1. Pimm's Winter Cup

Pimm’s, known as a refreshing summer drink, can now be enjoyed in a delicious winter version. This cozy recipe involves simmering apple juice with caramel, orange, and cinnamon, resulting in a mouthwatering concoction. Once the winter flavors are melded together, simply add a splash of Pimm’s and serve. This delightful twist on a classic cocktail is perfect for Thanksgiving or any chilly gathering.

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2. Chai Espresso Martini

The chai espresso martini is the ideal drink for Thanksgiving. This delicious and energizing cocktail combines the flavors of chai tea and espresso, providing the perfect blend of warmth and caffeine to keep you going throughout the festive day. Get ready to spice up your holiday with this fantastic and flavorful martini!

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3. Espresso Martini with Baileys

Why not treat your family and friends to a heavenly and decadent espresso martini with Baileys? It’s a delicious blend of bold espresso and creamy sweetness that will make your taste buds dance with joy. This delightful drink is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving celebration. So gather your ingredients and whip up this cocktail treat that everyone will adore!

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4. Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail

Enjoy the taste of Fall with this fun and delicious Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail! With the flavors of apples, cinnamon, and a touch of honey, it’s the perfect drink to sip on during Thanksgiving.

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5. Apple Cider Aperol Spritz

Get ready to sip on the ultimate fall drink with the apple cider Aperol spritz! This delightful twist on the classic Italian Aperol spritz. It’s the perfect cocktail to enjoy during autumn and Thanksgiving celebrations.

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6. The Candy Corn Cocktail

Treat your Thanksgiving guests with the delicious candy corn cocktail, a delightful butterscotch drink that everyone will love. It’s the perfect way to add some fun and sweetness to your holiday gathering!

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7. Hot Toddy

Jamie Oliver’s Hot Toddy recipe is the ultimate winter cocktail that brings comfort. With its delightful combination of lemon and cloves, it becomes the ideal drink to warm up during the chilly months. It’s perfect for sharing with loved ones, making it a delightful addition to any Thanksgiving gathering.

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8. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum is a delicious and irresistible drink, perfect for the colder months and Thanksgiving get-togethers. This hot cocktail is filled with cozy flavors like cinnamon and apple pie spice, making it a tasty treat to enjoy during the winter season. Its mouthwatering taste lives up to its enticing name, making it a must-try for anyone looking for a warm and comforting beverage.

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9. Thanksgiving bourbon pear spritzers

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to enjoy tasty cocktails like bourbon pear spritzers. These refreshing drinks are a great match for the rich flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving feast. So, why not try something different and impress your guests with these delightful spritzers?

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10. Bourbon and Amaretto Cocktails with Brûléed Oranges

Enjoy the perfect holiday cocktail with these apple cider, bourbon, and Amaretto cocktails! With a blend of delicious apple cider, refreshing orange juice, and a kick of bourbon and amaretto, these drinks are sure to impress. Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations!

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11. Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash

The plum and thyme Prosecco smash is a fabulous cocktail that you can enjoy all year round. It’s a perfect choice for your Thanksgiving brunch! This sophisticated yet light drink is fruity, bubbly, and simply irresistible. Cheers to a delightful and refreshing cocktail everyone will love!

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12. Fig Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

This fun twist on a classic bourbon cocktail adds fig preserves, orange juice, and bitters for a Thanksgiving-inspired drink. It’s a boozier and more flavorful alternative that will delight your taste buds during the holiday season.

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13. Toasted S'mores Martini with Marshmallow Vodka Recipe

Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering treat with the toasted s’mores martini! This delightful cocktail is a perfect blend of creamy goodness, marshmallow vodka, and chocolate liqueur, making it a delicious and visually stunning choice. It’s the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving festivities!

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14. Butterscotch Martini

Prepare to be enchanted by the Butterscotch Martini cocktail, a delightful drink inspired by the famous Butterbeer from the wizarding world. Unlike other versions, this martini finds the ideal harmony with its vanilla vodka base, offering a pleasant and sweet taste. It’s the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving feast, bringing a touch of magic and deliciousness to your celebrations.

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15. Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini

Introducing the pumpkin spice espresso martini – a delightful autumn spin on a beloved drink. Made with homemade pumpkin spice syrup, rich espresso, coffee liqueur, and vanilla vodka, this cocktail is a guaranteed hit at any fall gathering.

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16. Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini

Want to impress your guests this Thanksgiving? Try making a pumpkin Old-Fashioned cocktail with just a few simple ingredients. This delightful drink combines the warming flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and maple syrup with the classic bourbon base. It’s the perfect way to toast to the holiday season!

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17. Hot Spiced Cider

This delicious hot cider recipe is bursting with Thanksgiving flavors. It combines vintage cider, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and ginger syrup to produce a delightful cup of spiced cider that will impress your loved ones. Prepare to be amazed by the fantastic taste and aroma of this steamy drink – perfect for sharing with family and friends!

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18. Smoked Peach Maple Bourbon Smash

The smoked peach maple bourbon smash, a delightful blend of summer and autumn flavors! This unique drink combines the juiciness of late summer fruits with a smoky grilled touch and a spicy, cozy warmth perfect for Thanksgiving.

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19. Tequila and Chai Hot Toddy

Looking for a delicious and easy Thanksgiving drink? Try the Tequila and Chai Hot Toddy recipe! It’s incredibly tasty and will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it before. With warm tequila, this drink is the perfect way to stay cozy and bring some festive cheer to your Thanksgiving celebration.

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20. Orange Liqueur Cocktail With Maple Syrup

This tasty cocktail combines orange liqueur with maple syrup for a refreshing and delightful drink. With hints of citrus and a touch of maple, it’s the perfect Thanksgiving treat.

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21. Hot Fireball Apple Cider Cocktail

The hot fireball apple cider cocktail is just what you need on chilly winter nights. With only four ingredients – cider, Fireball whiskey, vanilla vodka, and a bit of sugar for sweetness – it’s a breeze to make. This delightful Thanksgiving drink is not only delicious but also ideal for celebrating the holiday season. So go ahead, whip up a mug of this comforting cocktail, and let your taste buds rejoice!

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22. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Check out this mouthwatering hot chocolate! It’s a breeze to make and only requires a handful of ingredients. But what makes it truly extraordinary is the addition of Kahlua coffee liqueur, giving it an extra burst of deliciousness. To take it up another notch, top it off with mini marshmallows and a drizzle of sweet caramel sauce – just like the one you see in the picture.

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Thanksgiving cocktails

22 Thanksgiving Cocktails

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    Thanksgiving cocktails


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What to consider when selecting Thanksgiving cocktails?

When selecting Thanksgiving cocktails, consider the seasonality of ingredients. Embrace fall flavors such as cranberry, apple, pumpkin, and warm spices. Additionally, choose cocktails that are easy to prepare, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the festivities with your loved ones.

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How can I ensure my cocktails complement the Thanksgiving meal?

To ensure your cocktails complement the Thanksgiving meal, consider the flavors of the dishes you’ll be serving. Lighter cocktails with citrusy notes work well as pre-dinner aperitifs, while richer, dessert-like options can serve as delightful post-feast treats.

Can you prepare Thanksgiving cocktails ahead of time?

Absolutely! Many cocktails can be partially or fully prepared in advance. Many cocktails can be partially or fully prepped ahead of time. Consider batching ingredients such as syrups, infusions, sugared cranberries, and even muddling or making purees, storing them in the refrigerator until needed. This way, you can effortlessly assemble and serve your cocktails without the stress of last-minute preparation.

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These 22 Thanksgiving cocktails offer a variety of flavors and options to elevate your holiday celebrations. From classic favorites like the fig Old Fashioned to unique creations like the butterscotch martini, there’s something to please every palate. For more cocktail inspiration, be sure to check out our other recipes, such as our Christmas cocktail collection, and alcoholic hot drink recipes for this holiday season . Don’t forget to follow us on social media for even more mouthwatering recipes, tips, and tricks to make your holiday season extra special. Cheers and enjoy responsibly!