10 Best Advent Calendars Christmas 2023

Kick start your Christmas count down with our amazing 2023 advent calendars top picks.

Christmas is almost here! Start your 2024 daily count down with these amazing advent calendars. There is now an advent calendar for everyone from adults to the family pet, there’s coffee advent calendars, beauty advent calendars and everything in between. These day’s advent calendars aren’t just for the kiddies. With so many unique Christmas advent calendars it can be hard to choose which one is best for you.

Why's there so much hype about advent calendars?

There’s a lot of hype about advent calendars over the past few years and for a very good reason to. Its no longer about grabbing a cheap chocolate filled advent calendar, where you can buy 3 for a fiver. Its about adding a little luxury into the festive season and why not you deserve to be spoiled a little, after a tough year. Luxury department stores such as Harrods, Molton Brown and Charlotte Tilbury have very sought after advent calendars and sell out every year. These luxury brands cram considerably more value into their calendars and even add full sized products, giving you more bang for your buck. Advent calendars in highest demand can be pre-ordered or added to a waiting list, making sure you won’t be disappointed if they sell out and they do.

Top 10 Advent Calendars for 2023

So we have found the top 10 advent calendars ideas for 2024. These popular calendars will help you decide how you’ll count down to the most exciting day of the year. We have picked something for everyone. If you love food, coffee, tea, beauty products, scented candles or even a cocktail or two we’ve got you covered. We’ve even found a few extra special advent calendars for the kids too.

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The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Pros: The Body Shop deluxe beauty advent calendar offers a wide variety of head-to-toe beauty treats in a pop-up design.

  • Cons: The price may be relatively high for some buyers.

Discover the Body Shops Big Advent of Change, a unique advent calendar that not only brings joy with its delightful beauty surprises but also celebrates the artisans, farmers, and producers with the Body Shop’s community fair trade program. You can enjoy 24 days of beauty treats, including Shea hand balm, Strawberry shower gel, and more, while supporting a great cause.

Price: $125

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Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Pros: Offers 23 unique fruit spread flavors and 1 honey, making it a perfect gift for food enthusiasts.

  • Cons: Contains glass, so handle with care.

The Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar is a festive and mouthwatering treat for the holiday season. With 23 mini spreads and 1 honey, each day unveils a new and limited edition flavor, making it a memorable gift for friends and family or a delightful self-indulgence. Immerse yourself in the joy of the holidays with these irresistible, unique spreads.

Price: $44.98

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Pukka herbs herbal tea advent calendar 2023

Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Pros: Healthier choice than chocolate advent calendars

  • Cons: Only for tea lovers

Embrace the holiday spirit with the Pukka herbs herbal tea advent calendar. This organic tea gift set offers 24 delightful tea bags featuring various flavors, making it a perfect alternative to traditional chocolate advent calendars. With each tea expertly crafted using high-quality ingredients, it’s a delightful way to savor the essence of Pukka’s blends.

Price: $19.99

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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75366

Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Pros: Unleashs the force of festive fun with Star Wars characters and mini builds.

  • Cons: The set may not be suitable for children under the age of 6.

The 2023 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is a fantastic holiday gift idea, featuring 9 Star Wars characters, 15 mini building toys, and accessories to reenact iconic Star Wars stories. It’s an exciting way for Star Wars fans aged 6 and up to countdown to Christmas, providing daily collectible surprises and imaginative play opportunities.

Price: $35.99

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Funko Pop! Disney: Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Pros: The Disney Funko Advent Calendar brings extra holiday magic with 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops featuring Mickey and friends in festive attire.

  • Cons: Some customers have raised concerns over duplicate characters.

The Disney Funko Advent Calendar is a delightful way to count down to winter celebrations with Mickey and his pals. Featuring 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops in holiday-themed outfits, it’s a fun collectible for all ages. Please note the small parts safety concern (not suitable for children under 36 months).

Price: $48.78

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Godiva chocolatier 2023 deluxe snowglobe advent calendar

Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Pros: High quality chocolates from Godiva

  • Cons: A little pricey compared to other chocolate advent calendars

Immerse yourself in the festive season with the 2023 Godiva deluxe snowglobe advent calendar. This limited edition collection features 24 chocolates, including dark, milk, and white varieties with delectable fillings like almonds, caramel, and mousse. It offers a delightful Christmas countdown within a charming gift box and boasts outstanding ratings.

Price: $45.00

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Wooden Advent Calendar with 25 Countdown to Christmas Drawers

Rating: 4.2 of 5
  • Pros: Made of premium natural wood, and can be used year after year.

  • Cons: Some of the drawers can be a little small.

Countdown to the holiday season with the Juegoal Wooden Advent Calendar. This festive calendar with 25 operable drawers is perfect for kids and adults. Fill the drawers with candies, miniature gifts, and toys as you eagerly await Christmas. Crafted from premium wood with unique grain patterns, this reusable calendar is a charming addition to children’s rooms and living spaces, enhancing your Christmas decorations.

Price: $25.98

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Harry Potter™ Trivia Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Pros: Enchanting daily Harry Potter trivia questions.

  • Cons: The Harry Potter trivia ends on Christmas Day

This jumbo-sized 14-inch calendar offers a delightful combination of Harry Potter trivia questions and individual bags of Jelly Belly jelly beans behind each of its 24 doors. While it’s a captivating daily treat, it’s also a striking holiday decoration.

Price: $26.50

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Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Pros: Features 24 individually wrapped cheeses in 9 varieties.

  • Cons: Not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

Experience the ultimate cheese lover’s dream with “The Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Advent Calendar.” This delightful calendar contains 24 individually wrapped cheese varieties, including Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, and more. Its unique ‘book style’ packaging design allows you to maximize fridge space by tearing off one half after the initial 12 days of Christmas. A must-have for cheese enthusiasts!

Price: £25.99

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Yankee Candle wreath advent calendar

Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Pros: Offers 24 scented tea lights in 8 different festive fragrances, creating a warm and inviting ambiance during the holiday season.

  • Cons: At over $50, it's relatively pricey compared to traditional advent calendars.

The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar is a delightful way to count down to Christmas. With 24 scented tea lights in various festive fragrances, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season. Although it’s on the pricier side, the fragrances evoke the merriest of memories, making it a thoughtful and aromatic gift.

Price: $51.08

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