Best Advent Calendars USA 2023

Explore our curated list of the top Advent calendars for 2023, from delectable chocolates to fun-filled toys, and make this holiday season even more magical.

Best advent calendars USA

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, we’ve got you covered with the “10 Best Advent Calendars USA 2023.” From delightful chocolates and aromatic teas to fun-filled surprises and educational discoveries, these advent calendars offer something for everyone. Dive into the magic of the Christmas countdown with our top picks, each offering its own unique pros and cons. Whether you’re indulging in high-quality chocolates, fostering creativity with LEGO sets, or exploring the world of geology, these advent calendars are sure to make your holiday season memorable. Join us as we unwrap the best of what 2023 has to offer.

 10 Best Advent Calendars USA 2023

1. Godiva chocolatier 2023 deluxe snowglobe advent calendar

Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Pros: High quality chocolates from Godiva

  • Cons: A little pricey compared to other chocolate advent calendars

Indulge in the holiday spirit with Godiva’s 2023 deluxe snowglobe advent calendar, a limited edition assortment of 24 dark, milk, and white chocolates, including almonds, caramel, and mousse. A delightful Christmas countdown with high ratings and a magical gift box.

Price: $45.00

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2. Pukka herbs herbal tea advent calendar 2023

Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Pros: Healthier choice than chocolate advent calendars

  • Cons: Only for tea lovers

Embrace the holiday spirit with the Pukka herbs herbal tea advent calendar. This organic tea gift set offers 24 delightful tea bags featuring various flavors, making it a perfect alternative to traditional chocolate advent calendars. With each tea expertly crafted using high-quality ingredients, it’s a delightful way to savor the essence of Pukka’s blends.

Price: $19.99

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3. LEGO Harry Potter 2023 advent calendar 76418

Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Pros: Has daily surprises, including 6 exclusive minifigures and 18 Hogsmeade Village mini builds.

  • Cons: Contains small parts and a small ball, making it unsuitable for children under 3 years of age.

Elevate the excitement of the Christmas countdown with the 2023 LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar (76418). This enchanting holiday gift is designed for kids aged 7 and up, offering a magical journey into the world of Harry Potter. Behind each of the 24 doors, children will discover daily surprises, featuring an array of captivating new-for-2023 LEGO Harry Potter minifigures. These include the never-before-seen Aberforth Dumbledore minifigure, along with 18 delightful Hogsmeade Village mini builds. Immerse yourself in the magic of this wizarding village through charming models like the Three Broomsticks Inn, the Hog’s Head Inn, Zonko’s Joke Shop, and the Honeydukes candy store. As Christmas day draws near, the play possibilities expand. These minifigures and buildable models are perfect for creating imaginative adventures, either on their own or by integrating them with other LEGO Harry Potter sets. With 227 pieces in total, this advent calendar is not just a countdown but a fantastic opportunity for young witches and wizards to celebrate the holiday season in true Harry Potter style.

Price: $33.74

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4. Marvel Funko Pop! Advent Calendar

Rating: 3.9 of 5
  • Pros: Features 24 unique Funko pocket pops, including popular Marvel characters dressed in festive attire.

  • Cons: Some customers mentioned receiving duplicate or similar characters, leading to a sense of disappointment and reduced excitement.

Get into the holiday groove with the Marvel Funko Pop! advent calendar. It offers 24 charming Funko Pocket Pops, featuring beloved Marvel characters in holiday-themed outfits. This calendar adds a fun twist to your festive decor and is an excellent gift for Marvel enthusiasts. Embrace the holiday season with your favorite superheroes and villains in a pocket-sized format.

Price: $40.86

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5. Roblox Holiday Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.3 of 5
  • Pros: Includes holiday-themed Roblox characters and accessories.

  • Cons: Some customers may find the included codes to redeem virtual items on a bit challenging to use or understand.

Get ready for a month of holiday fun with the Roblox holiday advent calendar. It offers 24 days of surprises, including 6 exclusive Roblox characters, 18 accessories, a collector’s checklist, and 2 redeemable codes for exclusive virtual items on This calendar is perfect for kids aged 6 and up, making it an ideal Christmas gift for Roblox enthusiasts. Enjoy a festive season filled with Roblox-themed excitement.

Price: $43.98

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6. Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Pros: 24 toys for pretend play, makes it an engaging and interactive way for kids to count down to Christmas.

  • Cons: This advent calendar is limited to children aged 1-5, potentially excluding older kids and adults from its enjoyment.

The Fisher-Price Little People advent calendar provides a delightful way for toddlers to embrace the holiday season. It includes 24 figures and play pieces for daily surprises leading up to Christmas. With a cozy living room scene and various characters, kids can enjoy imaginative storytelling and build excitement for the holidays. A perfect choice for young children’s festive countdown.

Price: $26.99

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7. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Collection Advent Calendar 2023

Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Pros: Offers an educational way for kids to explore the world of geology with 24 gemstones, minerals, and fossils.

  • Cons: While it's a fantastic educational tool for young geology enthusiasts, it might not cater to a wide age range and could be less engaging for older children.

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Collection Advent Calendar is a captivating and educational choice for kids interested in geology. With 24 different specimens, including gems, minerals, and fossils, it offers a daily discovery leading up to Christmas. On the final day, kids get to unearth a stunning rose quartz specimen from a mini dig brick. While it’s primarily designed for younger rock enthusiasts, it’s an excellent way to inspire a love for geology and scientific exploration.

Price: $22.78

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8. LEGO City 2023 advent calendar 60381

Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Pros: Offers a delightful way for kids to count down to Christmas with daily surprises, seasonal characters, and a foldout playmat.

  • Cons: Some children may outgrow the age-appropriate appeal of this calendar as they get older.

The LEGO City 2023 Advent Calendar brings holiday excitement to kids with 24 daily surprises, including beloved characters like Mr. and Mrs. Claus, carol singers, and more. It’s an ideal pre-Christmas gift for young LEGO fans aged 5 and up. With its interactive playmat and imaginative building experiences, it’s a fantastic way to foster creativity during the holiday season.

Price: $27.99

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9. Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Pros: Offers 23 unique fruit spread flavors and 1 honey, making it a perfect gift for food enthusiasts.

  • Cons: Contains glass, so handle with care.

The Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar is a festive and mouthwatering treat for the holiday season. With 23 mini spreads and 1 honey, each day unveils a new and limited edition flavor, making it a memorable gift for friends and family or a delightful self-indulgence. Immerse yourself in the joy of the holidays with these irresistible, unique spreads.

Price: $44.98

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10. Yankee Candle wreath advent calendar

Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Pros: Offers 24 scented tea lights in 8 different festive fragrances, creating a warm and inviting ambiance during the holiday season.

  • Cons: At over $50, it's relatively pricey compared to traditional advent calendars.

The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar is a delightful way to count down to Christmas. With 24 scented tea lights in various festive fragrances, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season. Although it’s on the pricier side, the fragrances evoke the merriest of memories, making it a thoughtful and aromatic gift.

Price: $51.08

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  • What is an Advent Calendar, and What’s Its Significance?
    • Advent calendars are a tradition that originated in Germany and are used to count down the days from December 1st to Christmas. Each day, a door or window is opened to reveal a hidden treat, symbolizing the anticipation of Christmas. It’s a fun way to make the holiday season even more special.
  • What Types of Advent Calendars Are Available?
    • Advent calendars come in various forms, including chocolate, toys, beauty products, and even DIY calendars. You can choose from traditional calendars with chocolates or more specialized ones like LEGO advent calendars or those featuring different teas, wines, or other surprises.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Advent Calendar?
    • The choice of an advent calendar depends on your personal preferences and those of your family. Consider the age and interests of the recipients. For kids, toy-filled calendars are exciting, while adults might prefer ones with beauty or gourmet products. Check reviews and product descriptions for guidance.
  • When Should I Buy an Advent Calendar?
    • Advent calendars are typically available well before December. It’s a good idea to purchase them early in the season as popular calendars tend to sell out quickly. Some limited edition ones are even available for pre-order in the months leading up to the holiday season.
  • Are There Any Special Considerations When Shopping for Advent Calendars?
    • Be aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies, especially when buying food-based calendars. Check the dimensions and size of the calendar, especially if you plan to hang it on the wall. Additionally, look out for any special features or themes that might make one calendar more appealing than another.

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